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About Us

JADEBLUE LIFESTYLE INDIA LTD today is one of Gujarat’s prominent enterprises. Over the few decades India’s entrepreneurial spirit has been phenomenal and remains synonymous with pioneers of business. The group is formed of two brands , namely: JadeBlue, Greenfibre.

The Group’s philosophy is based on two principles:
1. long-term objectives through innovation and design
2. A healthy ethical commitment preserved in a rigorous corporate governance system

Today the company is led by Jitendra Chauhan as CMD; Bipin Chauhan is Managing Director, Administrative policies and business deals are looked after by Shambhav Chauhan and Khushali Chauhan plays a major role in the Ecommerce Vertical launched by the company .
The culture is robust and united that allows young talents to emerge in the company-wide quest for Design, quality and fine craftsmanship . In the midst of these , the core value always remains : Constant Focus on Customers Satisfaction and community building.



Contact Person Name : jitendra chauhan

Address :
B-61, Pariseema Complex, C.G.Road, Ahmedabad -380006, Gujarat.

Contact No : +91 79 2646 2525

Email : estore@jadeblue.com


Website : https://jadeblue.com/