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Neurological Rehabilitation
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Our clinic was founded on the treatment of adult and pediatric brain injuries, post-concussive syndrome, stroke, spinal cord injury, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease and other neurological conditions. Our therapists have advanced Bobath training and approach their treatment plans with evidence-based, peer-reviewed research. Our neurological physiotherapists invest their own money in attending many courses and seminars in order to learn and refine their skills.

Treatment will include:

One-on-one treatment with a highly skilled and experienced neurological physiotherapist who has taken many additional courses on neurological rehabilitation techniques
Treatment can take place in home or long term residence
Treatments sessions in individual, private rooms
Hands-on treatment approaches may include:
Bobath Therapy (normal movement approach)
NDT (neuro-development treatment)
PWR! Wellness Recovery
LSVT BIG therapy
Myofascial Release therapy
Craniosacral therapy
Vestibular rehabilitation
Visual rehabilitation
At-home exercise program to facilitate recovery
Our neurological physiotherapists also offer consultations for individualized gym, pool or therapeutic riding programs as appropriate during the course of one's rehabilitation.

Neurological physiotherapy can help a patient:

Improve balance and coordination
i.e walking, sitting balance
Enhance overall function
Promote independence
walking, chair transfer, sitting
Improve muscle strength and tone
trunk stability
Correct improper and compensatory movement patterns

What is Bobath Training?

Bobath Training involves intensive on-going education in a treatment approach based on critical analysis of postural alignment and movement disorders. This approach is named for its founders Mrs. Berta Bobath and Dr. Karel Bobath

Why is Bobath Training different from other treatment methods?

This approach is evolving with current research in neuro-physiology and neurological recovery which supports the concept of "neuro-plasticity" of the brain. This means, after an injury (stroke, brain injury), the brain has been shown to have some ability to "re-wire" itself by adapting and forming new connections in the brain to bypass the damaged areas

Neurological physio working with a patient with a brain injury in Nepean

What does this mean for my treatment?

The Bobath concept influences the neuro-motor system by first critically analyzing complex movement patterns and specific muscle activity. This includes assessing for postural alignment, muscle plasticity or insufficient muscle activity, and determining whether current movement strategies are appropriate or compensatory.

Then treatment can be designed to promote desired neuro-plasticity by assisting the body to relearn corrected movement patterns (i.e. discouraging over-active muscles from overwhelming less active muscles to achieve a better balance). The overall goal is to achieve freer and less effortful movement